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I blinked and suddenly my daughter is 20 months old. We have managed to not skip a beat with this little girl in tow. I wondered how life would change having Miesha joining our family. I imagined myself slowing down and the boy’s age gap being so noticeable that she would almost feel like an only child. I lost sleep thinking about the dynamics of our family and how I could possibly be present for four kids every single day. Somedays I feel like a complete failure, but every day I thank God for giving me these four amazing children.

BirdRock Baby Moccasins Miesha 3

Her personality is becoming quite the spectacle these days. One minute she’s rolling her eyes at you and the next she’s throwing on the smooch fest. She is also talking like crazy, loves to eat (ALL THE THINGS) and loves to sing. Her two favorite songs right now are the wheels on the bus and rain, rain go away. She constantly sings “round and round… all town” and “rain, rain…away” while she plays. She also has a love for her toothbrush and mint toothpaste, she will literally try to brush her teeth 20 times a day if I let her. She also loves water, if she hears the shower turn on she will run to it attempting to peel off her clothes and walk in. She hates bulky shoes and would rip off every pair until I started putting her in BirdRock Moccs. These are literally the only shoes she will wear out and not rip off.

BirdRock Baby Moccasins Standing

She is still extremely shy and will clam up when anyone gives her attention. The minute you ignore her, she goes back to being her loud and bubbly self. Happy 20 months baby girl and stop growing up so fast.

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