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Everything You Need To Know About Texas MedClinic is a sponsored post. 

We’ve already been hit with our first round of colds and ear infections of the season. In my family of six, it’s definitely a domino effect. One person will start feeling bad and before you know it I am scrambling to get everyone on the mend without going down along with them. I was naive in thinking an urgent care center was only for adults and not in our budget. We always waited it out until we could see our doctor or resorted to an emergency room visit. The waiting area of an emergency room is usually a scene out of a horror movie and getting the bill can be just as frightening. This time around I was fully prepared for life’s little emergencies. After being invited out to the new Texas MedClinic Oak Run location in New Braunfels, Texas I had a chance to not only tour the location but really learn all about the urgent care clinic.


I immediately jumped on my iPhone and added the Texas MedClinic shortcut to my phone the night my son ran a high fever and complained that his ears hurt. The convenience of checking wait times in my area helped me plan ahead and know how long it will take before we could see a doctor. I simply checked-in from my phone and was alerted via text when it was close to being our turn to get seen. We waited it out at home and then drove to the new Texas MedClinic. We were in and seen within 10 minutes where my son was quickly diagnosed with a double ear infection. By the time he woke up the next morning, he was already feeling better and I was thankful we didn’t spend an entire night painfully waiting for his pediatrician’s office to open.


About Texas MedClinic VS. ER’s

You see them everywhere, clinics and freestanding ER’s. It seems like everywhere we turn there is a new ER. I have always been afraid to step foot in any for fear of what they would charge me to be seen. I didn’t know the difference or if my insurance would even cover any of the costs.

“A recent study by Rice University “Freestanding Emergency Departments in Texas deliver costly care, sticker shock” showed that freestanding emergency rooms charged 10 – 15 times more than urgent care clinics for treatment of similar problems.”

Freestanding ER’s charge the same high facility fees hospitals charge, regardless of the severity of the problem. A freestanding emergency room may not have the proper equipment or staff to care for big emergencies and will still need to transfer you to a hospital, which will incur more fees.


About Texas MedClinic 

Texas MedClinics are privately owned and offer patients who have urgent medical problems an alternative to the long waiting times at hospital ER’s, free-standing emergency rooms, and primary doctor offices when appointments aren’t available.

Texas MedClinic now has 18 locations in and around the San Antonio area with the newest location here in New Braunfels. The new location on highway 46 in the Oak Run neighborhood is now the second New Braunfels urgent care clinic. The convenience of not having to go into San Antonio makes this location handy to get care through those little emergencies.  At the Texas MedClinic you don’t even need an appointment, you can just walk right in.

When to go to Texas MedClinic Urgent Care

Texas MedClinic Founder and CEO Dr. Bernard Swift, Jr. cautions consumers to understand the difference between the need for critical emergency care and urgent care. “If you need an ambulance, you need to go to a hospital.”


  • Sprains & Strains
  • Bites & Burns
  • Breaks & Bruises
  • Cuts & Scrapes
  • Eye Injuries
  • Joint Dislocation


  • Aches & Pains
  • Flu & Cold
  • Allergies & Asthma
  • Fever & Earaches
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Sore Throat
  • Abdominal Pain

Minor Surgical Procedures

  • Drain Abscesses
  • Immunizations & INS Exams
  • Splinting Stitching
  • Personal & Court-Ordered Drug Tests
  • Diagnostic Computerized X-Rays
  • Lab Tests for Strep, Flu, Mono and UTI
  • CT Scans* (at 24 hour locations)

Privacy You Deserve

Texas MedClinic provides you with the privacy you deserve. The private triage rooms are a place to discretely discuss your health concerns and payment arrangements.


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