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I don’t know why I made shopping for baby skin care such a painful process. I have grown up on Dove and should have known that if it’s my number one brand of choice, then I should definitely be using Baby Dove on my own daughter. We did our weekly H-E-B shopping trip yesterday and stumbled onto this exclusive Baby Dove offer at H-E-B. You probably know by now that I love a good H-E-B deal. Those yellow coupon deals have led me to some of my favorite things. I will most often end up down every aisle scoping out the yellow coupon deals.

the modern moms guide to baby skincare. Baby Dove at H-E-B 

My daughter’s life has been filled with lots and lots of hand me downs. Not only does she sport her brothers’ old tees, my mom saved many of my childhood treasures in case I ever had a little girl of my own. A few of my old favorite children’s books, a dress, and toys have already become her favorites. I am grateful my mom saved these things for my daughter to now enjoy. The simplicity of my own childhood is so refreshing to think back on. Little things like smelling a bar of Dove soap will instantly remind me of being a kid.H-E-B Baby Dove shopping

Shop H-E-B for my favorite Baby Dove products.

I love Dove products. When I saw that Dove carried a Baby line, I was thoroughly excited to get my hands on the entire line.  The kid in me goes right back to being 8 as soon as I see that iconic Dove label. I loved to jump in the shower and stay in there until the water went cold. The lingering sweet smell of the Dove bar my mom always had for me to use filling the air as I lathered every inch of my body with sudsy bubbles. Then, I would hop out, dry off, jump in my jammies and rub my wrinkled fingers and toes imagining I was a little old lady. Tonight I lathered my own baby in her new Baby Dove Tip to Toe wash and instantly felt like I was making a memory with her that may just last a lifetime. The sweet smell of Baby Dove lingering on her soft skin as I rocked her to sleep brought a fleet of emotions. H-E-B has a range of Baby Dove products for the best baby skin care.share the care you love with baby dove

Head to your local H-E-B and jump on this exclusive H-E-B Baby Dove deal.

Buy $10.00 of Baby Dove Products get FREE! Dove Body Wash, 13.5 – 22oz., assorted varieties (Excludes Men’s) 

Have you tried Baby Dove products yet? I’d love to hear your favorites.  H-E-B Dove Deal

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18 thoughts on “Baby Dove Deal & Choosing The Right Baby Skin Care At H-E-B #ShareBabyDoveCare

  1. Baby Dove products looks like a great way to protect and take care of babies skin care needs. Always wonderful to find products that work so well and are good to use.

  2. Dove is also a brand we grew up with. The prices are affordable considering the value. Their soap bars are gentle on the skin and smell good.

  3. I still use Baby Dove even though I don’t have a baby anymore. I figure if they’re gentle enough for tiny tots, they’re gentle enough for me and my teen!

  4. I use DOVE MEN CARE products myself. So of course I’d recommend DOVE’S children line of products for babies too! We’ve used DOVE for my kids for quite awhile.

  5. I am such a fan of baby dove! Leaves my little ones skin feeling really great after her bathes. I need to pick some more up!

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