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The time has come for a blog rebrand, a complete overhaul of my vision for writing at this stage in my life. I have thought about changing the name of A Thrifty Diva and the URL a million times over the past several years but taking that leap seemed all too scary. When I started A Thrifty Diva in 2010 it was purely an online journal. I didn’t imagine anyone would actually read it. As I published blog posts over the years my little hobby snowballed into a full-time love. I loved journaling as a teenager and have a drawer full of old diaries that I saved throughout the years. As blogging started to gain momentum and my body was busy growing a baby, I decided one sleepless night to start I merged my thriftiness and my fear of being a difficult to please person into the title and A Thrifty Diva was born. Little did I know that putting down my pen and turning to a blog for personal growth would eventually become my livelihood and the name I chose for my blog didn’t mirror what I was writing.

Over the past several years the thought of changing my blog name was overwhelming and even though the title didn’t resonate with me, I just let it be. Rebranding is the last thing I thought I’d be doing right now, but as it turns out it is just what I needed to occupy my time and help me refocus on what I love. I was feeling lost a few weeks ago, I didn’t have any urge to write or continue on this path. I needed something new. I didn’t necessarily want to give up on freelance writing, but I was just not happy enough with where my life had lead me. It seemed like everything was just mediocre and not exciting anymore.

So what pushed the change?

Trolls. My content on Facebook and Instagram was reported as spam.

Sheer freaking panic set in…

Facebook and Instagram are huge factors in my blog’s traffic. Ultimately my URL was blocked from both channels and it hurt my reach. My daily blog traffic took a huge hit and I was left with little options. I spent weeks contacting facebook (they are not easy to get a hold of) but with the help of some genius blogger friends, I was able to find loopholes that allowed me to get real help via Facebook. After three weeks of not getting anywhere fast, I decided that maybe this was a sign to start the rebrand.

Facebook has not reached a decision in my URL’s future, but they have given me a small bit of information that leads me to believe someone has targeted me. I refuse to let that stop me from moving forward and am taking precautions to stop this from happening again.

finding a vision with a blog rebrand


A Fresh Start With A Blog Rebrand 

I am happy that it happened at this time of my life. My vision was lost and I am at a place where a fresh start is needed. I am currently working to transfer over to this new site and I’m hopeful it won’t take an eternity.

finding a vision blog rebrand


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  1. Oh my goodness! I didn’t know this happened to you. Well I guess things happen for a reason. I love the new blog rebrand!

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