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Thanks to Cryo-SA for inviting me out to experience the Cryotherapy benefits.

I had my very first experience with Cryotherapy two weeks ago. I consider myself moderately active, I don’t exercise regularly but with four kids (one being a toddler) I am always on the go. For the past seven years, I have dealt with off and on lower back problems. Thanks to my middle son I fractured my lower spine during his delivery, that led to two bone spurs in my lower spine, and sciatica nerve pain that comes and goes fairly often. Throughout the past several years I’ve tried different pain management options. I’ve been to chiropractors, had deep tissue massages, tried Airrosti, specialized exercises, and pain medicine. While all of those have helped me in some ways, they have all equaled to endless hours and money with no benefits that felt worthwhile.

Cryotherapy Benefits

Before I tell you about my experience during the session let me tell you about the Cryotherapy benefits that I personally experienced after my first session.

  1. Immediately leaving Cryo-SA I had this clear-headed feeling. My energy level seemed to increase and my productivity was incredible.
  2. The session was a positive trigger for my brain. Not only was I more energetic but I was happier, I had a euphoric energy that lasted well into the next day.
  3. I slept better than I had in a long time that night. I’ve been having major anxiety lately and insomnia has been a culprit. This is the first night in about a month that I was able to sleep easier.
  4. My body felt great, I haven’t had back pain and my sciatica pain is still non-existent.
  5. I lost 3 pounds from one day to the next. Now full disclosure this amount of weight loss is not typical. I have heard that losing small amounts of weight is normal but it does vary from person to person.

The 48 hours after I finished my whole body cryotherapy session was extremely beneficial to me mentally and physically. That rush of energy alone was enough to make me a believer in the positive effects of Cryotherapy has. I am excited to see what other cryotherapy benefits I have when I have more sessions.

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Cryotherapy Benefits What happened after one session at Cryo SA

I’d heard about cryotherapy for a few years now and only attributed the treatment to being helpful for athletes and chronic pain sufferers. In the past couple of years, I’ve watched centers pop up and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago when my friend Tori started raving about her Cryotherapy experience that I become intrigued as to what exactly Cryotherapy could do to help me.

My First Session At Cryo-SA

If you are like me and have limited time to take care of yourself you will love that this experience lasts all of 3 minutes. In total, you could be in and out of Cryo-SA in five minutes. If you want to include a NormaTec PULSE Recovery System session that’s just an additional twenty minutes.

The CryoSauna experience takes place in a private room where you are provided socks, slippers, and gloves. You can keep your undergarments on, no one ever sees you step in or out of the cryosauna so it’s a completely comfortable experience. Once you are in the cryosauna the technician enters and walks you through the entire process.

Your head is always outside of the chamber which helps tremendously if you have any fear of feeling enclosed. It’s also pretty big in there so you have the ability to move freely. As the gasiform nitrogen starts to flow it does become extremely cold. I must say I was terrified of the idea that the cabin temperature would drop to -270°F. I am naturally a wimp when it comes to being cold, I carry a sweater in my car because I hate being uncomfortably cold.



Once the session started and the burst of air quickly started it reminded me of opening the freezer door in the grocery store. It wasn’t unbearable and I was surprised by how calm I was able to stay. I felt relaxed and didn’t even have the urge to tremble. Although the tech told me some people feel better when they shiver and some people will even move around in place to warm themselves up. As the last 40 seconds started I definitely felt cold but I was so distracted talking to the tech that when it was over, I actually thought I could have stayed in longer. The gasiform nitrogen rapidly lowers the skin’s top layer to 32°F during the three-minute session.

As the three minutes pass your brain stimulates the body’s organ regulatory functions resulting in vasoconstriction, pulling your blood to your core. During this time, the blood is oxygenated and cleansed. After stepping out of the chamber the enriched blood circulates to your extremities providing many benefits.

Getting out and getting back into my clothes was when I actually felt coldest. My body took a bit to warm back up, so it helped that I decided to do 20 minutes of the NormaTec PULSE Recovery System.

NormaTec PULSE Recovery System at Cryo-SA

NormaTec PULSE Recovery System

It’s a dynamic compression device designed for recovery and rehab. The compressed air massages your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with the patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.

The Cryotherapy benefits and NormaTec combined have been extremely helpful to me. I will keep you all posted on how my future sessions go.

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  1. That is great therapy. I am curious to try it but I wonder one thing: while you enjoy this therapy you will stand instead of lying, right? Because I dont have your height (you are taller tha me) so i worry my head cant outside while i enjoy it? Thanks

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