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I came up with this easy peasy DIY angel wings as a costume for Halloween. This project came from the simple idea of turning toilet paper into a costume. And because my time management skills are never on point I did this a few days before Halloween. My love for DIY and keeping it all super budget-friendly is totally my thing and I was thrilled to turn toilet paper into a fluffy pair of angel wings. These wings are the perfect prop for a Halloween costume, Christmas Angel wings or even a Valentine cherub theme. Once I made these DIY angel wings I found endless uses for them. 

DIY angel wings. Turn a few household items into these

You will need:

  • Cardboard (large enough to use as wings)
  • scissors
  • tacky project glue
  • ribbon
  • 1 -2 rolls of toilet paper (a good triple roll works best)

How To Make DIY Angel Wings

Start with a piece of cardboard that will serve as the base of your wings. The size of the wings is dependent on how big or small you want them. This is really a freehand job, I estimated how big I wanted them to be by eyeballing with a pencil the first wing shape. After cutting out the first wing, I held it to my back and trimmed it down to the perfect size. I then used the first wing as the outline to trace and cut the second matching wing. *Make sure to have points at the bottom of your wings.

cardboard diy angel wings

Now take a roll of toilet paper, I went with Cottonelle triple roll and separate the squares. You will need a boatload of squares so keep separating until you have a ton.

diy angel wings using toilet paper

You are going to work one square at a time. Take a single square and fold it in the center making a point with all the corners coming together. Take tacky glue and apply a bead to the corner. I highly recommend using a crafter’s tacky glue. It gets sticky quick and you won’t have to wait for it to stay put while you move on to the next square.

make angel wings at home

Now start attaching each piece working to fill up the bare cardboard. Repeat, repeat, repeat, the above steps.

how to make diy angel wings

Covering both wings took me about 30 minutes. It’s a therapeutic activity to do while you catch up on the DVR.

Flip your wings over, and using the center of the wing as a guide mark two spots for two tiny holes. One close to the top and the other close to the bottom. Run a piece of ribbon through the top hole and bottom hole.

Turn your wing over and make a knot. This will be hidden in all of the fluffy Cottonelle. Do the same for the second wing.

steps to make angel wings

Tada, you now have a beautiful set of DIY Angel Wings.

DIY 30 minute angel wings



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