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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Mirum and Caress Botanicals Body Spray.

We are in the thick of summer and this Texas heat is no joke. My summer days have been filled with keeping my kids entertained and off of electronics as much as possible. We love exploring our local splash pads, pools, and local attractions. While I love to be outdoors with my kids, the heat tends to make it very hard to enjoy ourselves if we are not immersed in water or in air conditioning. I have a few secrets that help get through this summer heat and have fun with my kids.

Caress Botanicals Body Sprays at HEB #FeelFreshWithCaress

How is this mom of four surviving summer? Yes, I’m keeping us hydrated always carrying around my reusable water bottle. We pay attention to the right time of day where the heat isn’t as harsh. We wear plenty of sunscreen and reapply liberally. We do all the things everyone tells you to do. But really here is how I survive summer.

Makeup Routine

I’ve switched up my makeup routine and have forgone the production of a full face of makeup. It really is beneficial to have a less is more attitude in this heat. I skip the foundation and heavy makeup for a fresher-faced look when I am out during the summer heat. I have been working really hard to have a healthy face routine that is showing results. These days my routine is an SPF moisturizer, highlighter, moisturizing lipstick, and an eyelash curler. I haven’t given up my makeup completely, but during these hot summer days I’d rather take a cool cloth to my face than feel the makeup dripping off my face.

Caress Botanicals Body Spray 

You want to know why I smell like I just stepped out of the shower even though I just left Barre class or the park with my kids? I have a Caress Botanicals Body Spray tucked in my makeup bag, one in my car and one in my bathroom. You can purchase Caress Botanicals Body Sprays at your local HEB. They come in three scents including Pink Peony, Sweet Violet and Mediterranean Lotus. I’m obsessed with these sprays. They go on light and leave a refreshing scent that lasts long after you’ve sprayed.


Like Pat Conroy says, without music life is a journey through a desert. The Caress-inspired Pandora playlist has become my go-to station. Getting myself ready for the day and finding that push to keep me going the playlist is an inspiration and compliment to my favorite Caress body sprays.

Caress botanicals spray at HEB #FeelFreshWithCaress


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7 thoughts on “My Favorite H-E-B Caress Botanicals Body Spray To Survive Summer

  1. Woah, I didn’t know Caress even existed anymore! I clearly don’t pay much attention in the body care aisle haha. These body sprays look perfect for taking on vacation . . . very portable!

  2. Oh my gosh, those sound so perfect! I love body sprays, and those botanical scents… I must have these in my life. I’m going to smell like a spring garden! Woohoo!

  3. I used to use body sprays when dove had them in the little clear type colored bottles that matched their deodorant. THEN they stopped selling them. Now I will have to check into these cause I definitely miss the ones I used to use.

  4. These sound wonderful! It’s nice to have some products for when you want to smell good. To be honest, I haven’t used a body spray in ages, but I would certainly like to try these out.

  5. I love their body wash, I will need to see if one of my local stores carries these. I love soft mist like sprays instead of bursts of liquid feeling like it’s dripping down my skin! It seems more refreshing!

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