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How To Make A Ring Fit Tighter is in collaboration with BlingGuards. I received product in exchange for this post.

Have a ring that is just a tad too big? Or even a lot too big and you are scared of it slipping off. An easy way to make a ring fit tighter is with BlingGuards BlingWraps. These are inexpensive invisible guards that will keep your favorite ring from turning and even slipping off.

How To Make A Ring Fit Tighter

Blingwraps are invisible ring guards that are disposable. The bands will add 1+ ring sizes to your finger giving you extra support for loose rings.  BlingGuard uses a patented “padlock” design to keep rings in place. These transparent wraps are invisible and keep the integrity of your favorite jewelry.

Simply place a blingwrap on your finger and slide your ring over it.  The ring guard reminds me of a thin band-aid. It holds my wedding ring in place and keeps the entire ring from spinning to the palm side of my hand. It is very uncomfortable when your ring stops in between your fingers especially when you are doing something. With the blingwraps my ring stays where it belongs.  No more fussing with a ring too big.

Blingwraps for rings come in a box of 30 disposable wraps for $14.99.

Blingwraps are invisible ring guards

How To Stop Droopy Earrings

BlingGuard also has a solution for earrings. No more droopy out of place earrings. Whether you wear chandelier earrings, posts or even clip on’s, Blingdots from BlingGuard work to support and stabilize your earrings. Just place these disposable dots on your ear and add your favorite earring over it.

I love jewelry and have all kinds of fun pieces. I actually have earrings that I adore but don’t wear because they just don’t sit right on my ears. Earrings that have any weight to them especially chandelier earrings are slightly heavy and make my ears look pulled down. Blingdots work perfectly to give my ears the support to not sag.

Blingdots for earrings come in 45 disposable cushioned back sets $14.99

 BlingDots, Earring Supports and Stabilizers

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