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This post is in collaboration with The Magik Theatre to share The Magik Theatre Winter Camp opportunities. My kids were invited out to experience a day at mini-camp.
There’s no need to wait until summer to introduce your kids to theater camps, The Magik Theatre is helping us make the most out of winter break with The Magik Theatre Winter Camp that will satisfy our schedules. I had the opportunity to introduce my boys to the other side of theater life over Thanksgiving break. Bright lights and a stage that allowed my youngest to let his artistic personality shine and my quiet, reserved boy a chance to step outside of his comfort zone in a non-threatening atmosphere. This was exactly what they needed to get through Thanksgiving break boredom.

I sent my kids to theater camp during Thanksgiving break and they loved it.

Magik Theatre winter camps
Secretly I was excited to pry them away from their video games and I desperately wanted a day to prep for Thanksgiving without having to drag my kids to the grocery store and to run other errands. We all know that keeping the kids entertained can be exhausting especially during the school breaks. With winter camps at the Magik Theatre my kids who love attending Magik Theatre shows now have a chance to explore what it’s like to be on stage.

5 reasons to send your kids to The Magik Theatre winter camp

5 Reasons To Send Your Kids To Magik Theatre Winter Camp

Winter Mini-Camp January 2-4, 2018

Boost Their Confidence

Theater mini-camps offer an opportunity for students to get over stage freight in a small class size. Performing alongside their peers and teacher in a fun and engaging manner allows them to boost their self-confidence. My shy 9-year-old had the confidence to join his peers on stage and do a solo singing part after his first day in the mini-camp. It was incredible to watch him shine.

Build Self Expression and Have A Voice

Theater camp isn’t just for actors. It helps foster self-expression and gives students a platform to let their communication skills blossom. Watch out we have some public speakers in the making.

Mini-Camps Are Perfect for Kids 5+

Think of mini-camp as an opportunity for your child to get their feet wet in or excel their skills in acting. Students learn a scene in this one-day camp and develop skills to perform the scene at the end of the day.

Play In a Day

The Play In a Day mini-camps are built to allow students to come one, two, or all three days from 9 am – 4 pm. Each student can take as many classes as their schedule permits and have the opportunity to jump right in each day with a fresh scene.

Give Yourself a Day To Recover 

Let’s be honest, winter break is long and the holidays are exhausting. Take a much-needed break and give the kids an opportunity to have fun at theater camp while you recover from the holidays and start the new year off right.

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Magik Theatre Winter Mini-Camp | January 2-4, 2019
Holiday Camp will only be held at the Magik Performing Arts Center near I-10 and UTSA Blvd.
Learn more at The Magik Theatre.

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3 thoughts on “The Magik Theatre Winter Camp

  1. For children interested in acting and theater this would be a wonderful camp. Having it during the winter is perfect for some parents.

  2. I have been thinking about trying a Mini camp for the kids actually because we homeschool! Time away can be really good for everyone and lets face it, mom can’t possibly teach everything. I don’t know anything about teaching magic, or dance for that matter! LOL

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