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Hey y’all, I’m Michelle Cantu!  I’m so glad you stumbled here and hope you’ll stay and enjoy this little hub of mine. It was pregnancy insomnia that initially brought me to start a San Antonio moms blog.

2010 seems so long ago, but it was then that was born. It was a personal online journal and I poured my heart into that blog for almost 8 years. Blogging has evolved in this past decade and it seems that everyone now has their own space on the interwebs. It’s become a weird place and has often left me wondering if the hobby turned business I’ve built is in danger. I never considered myself a mommy blogger, but my San Antonio Moms blog took a direction of allowing me to work from home for many years. After my personal life took a crazy turn earlier this year and the dynamics of my blog didn’t make sense I pushed myself to rebrand and create this new space.

I will celebrate my 38th birthday at the end of August so it feels appropriate that I get back to a more personal vibe for a San Antonio moms blog and share more about me as we enter my birthday month.

Want to know more about me and my family?

Meet Michelle!

I’m married to my best friend.

I met my husband at a fraternity party that I wasn’t supposed to be at twenty years ago. I guess fate was leading the way and I’m so glad that I semi-responsibly snuck off to that party. We dated a bit, but found ourselves deciding to “just be friends”. A couple of years later we ran into each other and literally moved in together after a week of dating. Our entire adult lives have practically been together and I will be the first to say that marriage is HARD. It takes a lot of trust in God, patience, and grace. We are two very imperfect people who do not give up on each other.


I have basically been the young mom and the old mom all in one lifetime. I had my first child at 20 years old and my fourth at 36 years old.

It’s probably no surprise to anyone when I was pregnant even at 19. I always loved kids and dreamt of having a big family since I could remember. My oldest will be 18 this year and is entering his senior year of high school (someone hold me). After two miscarriages we welcomed our second son in 2008 and our third son in 2011. Our middle boys are two peas in a pod and literally do everything together.

We thought our family was complete, but in 2016 we welcomed our daughter.  Adding a daughter into the mix has been amazing. I’d have one more baby just so she could have her own sibling close in age if we could. I loved being pregnant. Call me crazy, but every single pregnancy was extremely magical to me.


When our oldest was a 5th grader in public school we found ourselves contemplating the idea of homeschool. We live in a very homeschool friendly area and I felt compelled to learn all about homeschooling in Texas. Although it has been a major sacrifice for us, we can’t imagine the day all our children are back in school. This year our oldest is transitioning from being technically homeschooled (he attended online school with Connections Academy for the past few years) to private school to help pave the way for his college years. We are going into our sixth year of homeschooling. Our fourth and second graders are so happy that we get to homeschool again. My husband is their main teacher and we do a bit of tag teaming with work and school each day. We take lots of field trips throughout the year and love hands-on learning.

Small City Living 

We live in a small outskirt city of San Antonio that has a population of 5,000. We never planned that this would be a permanent home for us, but we haven’t left yet. We moved out of the city and bought enough land to garden, raise chickens and have tons of space for all our dogs. I don’t think we will ever live in a big city again. We basically have the best of both worlds, driving into the city is about a twenty-minute drive for us. Living on acres of land and no street lights is my perfect way to raise a family.

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