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Swim with dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio. I want to give a huge thank you to SeaWorld San Antonio for inviting me out to the media preview of Discovery Point.

You can now swim with dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio. It was a huge weekend for SeaWorld San Antonio as the highly anticipated Discovery Point officially opened giving visitors the chance to have an experience of a lifetime. You can now head over to Discovery Point as part of your 2016 SeaWorld pass and enjoy the new dolphin lagoon, underwater viewing area, and Explorer’s Reef. Discovery Point is the perfect escape to learn more about these warm-blooded mammals, several species of sharks, exotic fish and living coral reef.

Reserve a personal dolphin encounter and swim with dolphins – or discover the thrill of swimming alongside Beluga Whales or Sea Lions. These signature swims are once in a lifetime experiences. The private dolphin lagoon area is a VIP experience that gives you a personal interaction that lasts about 30 minutes.

Sea-Lion-Interaction SeaWorld San Antonio Swim With Dolphins

SeaWorld San Antonio Swim With Dolphins


Signature Swim Encounters:  

    • Age: at least 6 years old.
    • Swimmers of all levels can enjoy this experience. Life vests are available.
    • Price: $125 – $155 per person
    • Observer tickets for family and friends $30
    • Pass Members save 20%

My son and I headed to Discovery Point for the media preview last week. I stood on the sidelines and let him jump in the water for his own SeaWorld San Antonio dolphin encounter and take in the experience. Heading into Discovery Point is a complete oasis of palm trees and Tiki huts. After entering through a private area for signature swim guests only, you get your complimentary wetsuit and head to the changing room which also includes showers, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. We met with our trainer at the shore learning about the dolphin’s behavior to communication, SeaWorld dolphin research, and rescue initiatives. The swim experience also includes a short video training and Q&A with an animal ambassador.

SeaWorld-San-Antonio-Dolphin-SeaWorld San Antonio Swim With Dolphins

Then the best part, you wade in with the trainer into the shallow area of the Dolphin Lagoon. The one-on-one interaction begins with an opportunity to feed, touch and kiss the dolphin.  Then you have the opportunity to go on a ride holding the dorsal fin back to shore. As a spectator, I was so excited to see how attentive the dolphins are. They love attention and were constantly wanting to be where the action was. We have talked about this encounter all weekend. How natural it was for my son to wade into the water and easily use hand gestures to “talk” with the dolphins. He loved how smooth and soft they felt. His trainer was so much fun and made the experience one he will never forget. We are already planning a birthday trip to swim with the dolphins for my middle sons birthday later this year.

Reserve your SeaWorld San Antonio Dolphin Encounter and learn more about Discovery Point today.

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