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Every now and then a product changes the game in baby necessities. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock just made shopping with a cart and a baby an amazing experience. When I first had my daughter I wondered how on earth I was going to pull off shopping hauls. Where does the car seat go? Do I forgo the car seat and wear my baby? A million scenarios ran through my head as I went through stores always eyeing the mom with babies to see how she does it.  The baby shopping cart seat is one of the most stressful questions we ask ourselves as moms who need to bring baby along. You want a safe and germ-free shopping cart baby seat that works without any stress.

When I received the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock I knew we were in for a better shopping experience, but I had no idea how much we would love it. I have all the room in the basket I didn’t have before. My daughter lives in my arms these days, so I was skeptical about her wanting to be in the hammock. She loves her shopping cart hammock and will happily go in it every single time. It’s nice and cozy and she is exceptionally long (24 inches).

I received a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock in exchange for this review. 


She really seems to enjoy the cocoon feeling around her. Truth be told I had missed these Target trips. You know the one where you can wander through the aisles aimlessly looking for all the goodies you don’t even need. We have enjoyed a handful of those trips since getting this new shopping cart baby seat. It never fails, every single time we have used her Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock we get stopped by moms, grandmas and even dads asking where we found our hammock. It’s one of those “oh my gosh, that is so clever” must have baby items. I think the happy cooing baby lying in a hammock with all that room screams, we need that too.


Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

The Binxy Baby cart hammock rolls up to easily fit in our diaper bag and with two clips and velcro, it safely snaps onto a shopping cart. Have a nicely sleeping baby in your infant car seat? No problem, the Binxy Baby is a car seat holder for shopping cart as well. It safely holds a car seat and baby with the seat belt that is attached specifically for infant carriers.

The Binxy Baby hammock is designed to use from birth until baby can sit upright unassisted approx. 6-8 months. It is not recommended for use once they are strong enough to pull themselves up or try to climb out of the hammock.

The Binxy Baby fits most single carts 20″-24″ wide. Most of the stores we have been to that have the single child seat carts work with our Binxy Baby.

My Thoughts on the Binxy Baby car seat holder and shopping cart hammock. 

As a mom of four, I highly recommend moms of babies getting their own Binxy Baby. The hammock is perfect for babies that are not rolling if you have a baby that is able to roll you will not want to put them in the Binxy Baby as a hammock. You can use it with them secured in their car seat and attach the car seat to the Binxy Baby. My daughter hates her car seat so it was a gamble to see how she fared in the Binxy Baby. Luckily she loves it! She is content and enjoys the view from the Binxy Baby, it cradles her just perfectly so she feels and looks completely comfy. My only regret is that we didn’t have our own Binxy Baby when she was even younger. I didn’t learn about this shopping cart baby seat until she was just about four months old. I would have used the heck out of this thing from day one of getting her out of the house. It is also super appealing to look at and I love all the fabric options.

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