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The Toyota Sienna review post is in collaboration with Toyota.

I had the pleasure of partnering with Toyota for Fiesta 2018 in this gorgeous city I get to call home. We had the chance to test out the Toyota Sienna for two weeks while enjoying all of the Fiesta events. Being a born and bred San Antonian, Fiesta has always been more than just ten days of party. For me, it keeps the memories of being a little girl alive and a way to give back to this beautiful city. Sitting on the parade route will always bring me back to my childhood. I was lucky enough to go every year and vividly remember the years my grandparents would come down from the valley to see the parade. I remember how fun it was to be front row, dripping with sweat and refusing to get in the shade because I didn’t want to miss the chance to wave and jump up and down with every float and marching band that went by. I loved walking through the Market Square with my parents and still find myself searching for those delicious beef gorditas and watermelon agua frescas we had to get every year. The ten days of Fiesta has evolved tremendously in the Alamo City, but I am proud that it is still rich in cultural flavor and always brings me back to my childhood. It’s a chance for us to give back to our city and party with a purpose.

Fiesta 2018 and Sponsor Toyota

When I think of the ultimate vehicle for my family of six, my top priorities are safety and comfort. Getting the opportunity to enjoy the Toyota Sienna really reminded me of what I need and love in a family vehicle. We loved the features like reclining seats and the ultimate in comfort leg room. As a mom, I love having flexible seating options and even making space to take trips with our dog. The entertainment center 16.4 in screen is another option we all fell in love with. Keeping the kids entertained in the car is a huge game changer for antsy kids.

The Beautiful Toyota Sienna

The one and only swagger wagon

Remote Keyless Entry with automatic sliding doors is perfect for getting everyone in and out. The peace of mind of not having one of my kids swing a car door open or even slamming the door shut on themselves is priceless. We found so much convenience in the keyless entry features.

Remote Keyless Entry Automatic sliding doors in the Toyota Sienna

The moment I saw how roomy the Toyota Sienna was inside, I knew that I wouldn’t miss my SUV. I’ve never seen this much leg room and space to get in and around the seats. The middle row captain chairs slide forward giving enough room for adults to step into the back seats. I had such an easy time installing my daughter’s car seat in the Sienna, I think that may have been the first feature to sell me on this vehichle.

lounge seating captain chairs in the toyota sienna

Look at all the space in between those seats.

Room for 7 in the Toyota Sienna

The Sienna has everything at your fingertips on the wide dashboard. The beautifully laid out features that are easy to use.

Inside the Toyota Sienna

The sleek design inside and out have me dreaming of owning my own Toyota Sienna. It’s the perfect luxury vehicle to fit my entire family. Top of the line features and an extremely comfortable drive, we were sad to see this van leave. It definitely has me aching to trade my SUV in for a new Sienna.

Toyota Sienna at Fiesta San Antonio

Curious about the new Toyota vehicles?

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Special thanks to Toyota for allowing me to host giveaways on their behalf to Fiesta events for my readers on Instagram.

Toyota Sienna in San Antonio


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