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As I sat in my parking spot at Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up service while my daughter napped in the backseat, I scrolled through my phone pictures. I stopped at her first newborn picture and I melted. It’s so easy to forget what an emotional wreck I was, but I brought myself to unlock that vault of memories. I remember right before that photo was taken that I was uncontrollably sobbing. I cried a lot that week as the sharp pins and needles of pain radiated through the entire left side of my chest. It was rough on both of us, but as my grandma says “echale ganas”. I had to keep trying, even through all the tears. We have now moved on to a new milestone and breastfeeding is just a beautiful journey of memories.

Walmart's Online Grocery Pick-up and Nido to transition from bottle to cup

Now she’s jumping and asking for a sippy cup of her favorite NESTLÉ® NIDO® with lunch. When we transitioned from bottles to sippy cups, NIDO 1+ was the milk I depended on to help her transition. Nido 1+ contains vitamins and minerals which help support healthy growth and development and has a delicious honey taste kids love. Transitioning her from being mostly breastfed with a few pumped bottles here and there went extremely better than I expected.

How To Wean Your Baby from bottle to sippy #NidoKids

Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up

Our time as parents is precious and mi cariña deserves it all. To make sure I get the most out of our family time I turn to Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up service. There are no struggles of hauling my toddler around the store. Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up is easy to use and I can stop and get my groceries on the way home without even getting my toddler out of the car. In three simple steps, I can have my groceries in the cart and prepped for pickup.

Walmart's Online Grocery Pick-up service, process, and ease of pick-up. Having young children, giving you time back in your day

When I’m ready to pick them up, I head to my Walmart Pickup and my groceries come straight out to me. So even if mi carina decides it’s nap time, I can enjoy the peace of having my groceries come to me.

How To Wean Your Baby #NidoKids using walmart pickup

Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up service is easy. I have my time back and it’s the perfect option for anyone who’d rather spend their afternoon outside of grocery shopping. For me, it gives us more time to enjoy our favorite things.

My experience with Walmart's Online Grocery Pick-up service and How To Wean Your Baby #NidoKids

How To Wean Your Baby

Transitioning from a bottle to cup

Transitioning your baby from bottle to sippy cup is a big milestone. Ultimately it was a straw cup that she enjoyed the most. The weighted straw cups are amazing and help to get every last drop out even if the cup is turned sideways. I add her favorite NIDO 1+ to her cup for lunch and dinner.How To Wean Your Baby #NidoKids

Transitioning a baby from breast milk/formula to Nido +1

NESTLÉ® NIDO® is the brand that we trust. Using this powdered option allows us to still have the convenience of making her a cup of milk and not having to pull it out of the fridge. She also loves the sweet honey flavor. Transitioning my daughter from breastmilk to Nido 1+ was by far the easiest thing we have done so far.

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7 thoughts on “Weaning My Daughter & Walmart’s Online Grocery Pick-up #NidoKids #CollectiveBias

  1. I am so glad to hear your daughter transitioned rather well from breast to bottle. I have heard many stories of moms at their wits end when it came to making the move. Nestle` Nido would be something I’d recommend to moms with 1+ year olds.

  2. It’s amazing that it’s easy to do some groceries nowadays. I know how difficult it is sometimes especially when you have a child.

  3. I can’t believe I haven’t tried grocery pick up! MANY years ago when it first came out my internet was slow and it took me forever and I gave up. Definitely need to try again.

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