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“If you are pregnant please talk with your doctor before self-diagnosing yourself.”

There are quite a few things women just don’t openly talk about. A yeast infection is probably at the top of the TMI women probs list. I mean who really wants to discuss itching, burning, and irritation down there. I sure don’t sit around talking about how to get rid of a yeast infection with my friends. Where’s a girl to turn to when the inevitable happens though?

Is it ok to use Monistat while pregnant?

A yeast infection will throw off your entire day, but it doesn’t have to ruin it. MONISTAT® is the #1 doctor recommended over the counter brand. When I was pregnant with my middle son, I had no idea that yeast infections were so common. When I realized what was happening I called my OB thinking I was having an emergency issue. My Dr. assured me it was one of the most common pregnancy symptoms and advised me to run to the pharmacy and pick up MONISTAT® OTC and start the treatment.

Pregnancy-Woes-The-Dreaded-Yeast-Infection-Yeast Infection Pregnancy Treatment

Yeast Infection Pregnancy Treatment

So why do pregnant women become more susceptible to yeast infections? There is a lot of estrogen running through your body. The increased discharge is completely normal, but the overgrowth of yeast can happen rapidly and cause a yeast infection.

Symptoms of a yeast infection during pregnancy

  • Discharge the consistency of cottage cheese
  • Redness, itching, or irritation
  • Burning

How to keep yeast infections at bay

  • Wear cotton undies that aren’t too tight
  • Keep yourself dry. Change out of sweaty clothing and dry well after showers.

About Monistat® 

When a yeast infection seems evident MONISTAT® treatments cure vaginal yeast infections with simple OTC products.  MONISTAT® offers products in different dosage strengths (1 day, 3 days or 7 days) and forms, including Ovule®, cream or suppositories. With different strains of yeast, MONISTAT® relieves symptoms four times faster.


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